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Healthcare for the whole you

Unique to EQNMT is caring for the whole person, recognizing that our mental, physical, social and spiritual health are interconnected. We address everything from the foundational biological needs of well-being all the way up to the cognitive.
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Lasting, Positive Outcomes

All our programming follows a 3 part interconnected structure. We layer intellectual understanding, first-hand experiences, and real-life practice with psychedelic therapy for a first-of-its-kind integrative approach.

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Meet The Team


Anthony Townsend
Head Clinical Psychologist
& Co-Founder

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Brad kallenbach
Head Clinical Psychologist
& Co-Founder

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James Stein
& Co-Founder

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Brad Silberman

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Dr. Jeremy Ford
Lead CMO Advisor

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Dom Gathrite

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Maya Donovan

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Shellee Dyne
Registered Nutritionist

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What We Do

ketamine Wellness Program

Sustainable Positive Change in 2 Weeks

A reset does not have to mean you go on a retreat. Our Ketamine Wellness program fits into your everyday lifestyle. We combine the best wellness methodologies known to science with ketamine therapy to optimize your health and well-being with no need to take any time off work.

Luxury Psilocybin Retreat

Sustainable Positive Change in 1 Week

Our Psilocybin retreats in Jamaica combine science-backed wellness, tailored luxury and world-class hospitality.

Psychedelic Tourism 

Wellness Center

World-class facilities, including private and comfortable infusion booths, a yoga studio, therapy rooms, and vitamin drips, all delivered with a multi-disciplinary team that includes trailblazers experts in the fields of psychedelic research, ketamine therapy and clinical psychology, as well as excellent supporting professionals who ensure that clinical protocols are followed for safey for every individual seeking our care.

Why Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy

Psychedelics promote neuroplasticity, as in they make our minds more malleable. Our minds are analogous to a hard block of clay. We can make changes, but it takes a long time and it’s really hard work. Taking a psychedelic is like heating up the clay to be molded easily and quickly. But the magic is not just the medicine, the therapeutic framework is the other essential element to glean lasting results.  Our proprietary framework, developed by renowned clinical psychologists, takes you through an intentional therapeutic arc with the most comprehensive preparation and integration process available.

Psychedelics allow different brain regions to activate, connect and communicate in a manner much like that of a wakeful dream. It is this state which allows for the deeper exploration of your internal world, to release repressed emotions and to discover the insights you seek. 


Ketamine FAQ

Do I have to attend every session or activity? We think that all 4 ketamine journeys should be considered mandatory but beyond that missing other activities is ok. However, the program is constructed to be a cohesive unit where every activity reinforces lessons from prior activities. We therefore recommend you make your best effort to attend all events.

What if I'm not comfortable with group work? Yes. 1 on 1 sessions can be arranged with our clinical team if you meet our safety criteria. However, we strongly recommend experiencing the group program. This model offers a unique setting and context, ideally suited to deep inner work. Group works helps us build close relationships and accelerate understanding of insights. The program also offers integrated wellness experiences including yoga, meditation, breathwork, strength sessions and more.

What is your cancellation policy? We will offer a full refund with 30 days notice. Within 30 days we will happily rebook your spot in an upcoming program.

Are your clinicians licensed? Yes, all of our clinicians are board certified psychologists with extensive training and experience in psychedelic assisted therapy.

I'm not in LA, can I still participate? You're welcome to fly to LA for our program, we'd be thrilled to have you. Please note, this is not a retreat so any flights and accomodations will be at your own expense. We will be launching in more cities soon. Please join our waitlist.

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