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Our Mission

Our mission is to accelerate the elimination of unnecessary suffering. 

We were founded in 2020 by two clinical psychologists, Brad Kallenbach and Anthony Townsend and an entrepreneur, James Stein.

Our core focus is the design of empirically-based psychedelic therapy programs and the provision of exceptionally high quality therapists to administer them.

Psychedelics are safe and effective tools for reducing unnecessary suffering and helping us reach our full potential.


But “with great power comes great responsibility”. The power of the psychedelic experience must be contained within a robust therapeutic vessel. This vessel is EQNMT.

Our Founders

Meet our team

Our team has cumulatively supported hundreds of psychedelic-assisted therapy journeys.


Click on each person's Bio button to learn more about them.

Our Core Values


“Do no harm” is our most important value.


Our belief is to work with individuals who are passionate, masters of their skillset, compassionate, motivated, empathic, self-aware, and self-regulated.


We strive to be transparent in our work and to rely on evidence-based knowledge to design solutions to problems.


This is what transcends our fear-based survival and replication instincts and allows us to reach our highest potential. Although we seek excellence and truth, we do so with love. 

Integrative Efficacy

We view the mind and body as an interconnected system. We incorporate any approaches with a high likelihood of success in alleviating unnecessary suffering insofar as they do not violate our core value of safety.

Science & Spirituality

Spirituality is what we use to guide ourselves into the unknown. It underpins our creativity, instinct, hypothesis; but we adhere firmly to the scientific method to validate our hypothesis and keep us anchored to objective reality.

Fit for Service

We continuously work towards healing ourselves, so that we can help others.

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