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On Finding Equanimity - Why We Created a Science-based Psychedelic-assisted Therapy Program

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

We are all searching for peace of mind, whether we are aware of it or not. The ability to sit with ourselves and just be content and fulfilled. I was born into a wealthy family, my material needs taken care of. But I was still discontent and could see suffering all around me. If material abundance does not produce the peace of mind we are all searching for, what does? This is the question that has driven my entire life and the reason we started Equanimity.

Equanimity’s mission is to accelerate the elimination of unnecessary suffering by scaling the delivery of the most effective wellness methodologies known to science.

The mental health specialization is the only medical focus where patient outcomes have gotten worse over the past 50 years. Both science and our professional experience have and are proving that psychedelic drugs currently represent some of the most effective methodologies for treating a wide variety of mental illnesses, whether acute or chronic.

However, psychedelics are not a silver bullet. The 1960s showed us that without administering these drugs in conjunction with a robust clinical and scientific framework they can produce the opposite effect of the enlightenment they have the potential to manifest. We have learned from the mistakes of our past and are thus treading into these waters with an open heart rooted in the scientific method.

Equanimity was founded by an entrepreneur and three world class mental health professionals who have achieved an objective level of success and fulfillment in both our personal and professional lives. We do not say this to brag. We are as imperfect as any human being, but we do not believe we could start a company purporting to help others if we had not been able to help ourselves first. Psychedelics have played a pivotal role in helping us heal the traumas of our past, discover our purpose and come to terms with our mortality.

We could think of no better way to spend our lives than building a business that can help people find the peace of mind we are all looking for.

The Buddha was right. “Life is suffering”. We come into this world with a death sentence. A fact that connects every single human being and an outcome we all must contend with. But psychedelics, in the right context, have the unique ability to teach us that despite this brute fact of life, it is also worth it. Despite its inherent tragedy, its sacredness and beauty outweigh its negativity by orders of magnitude. We believe that the potential to heal the world must be found at the level of the individual. Equanimity is leveraging scientific best practices to help individuals help themselves.

Sending all the love in the world.

The Equanimity Team


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UPDATE: Many new developments have occurred in the field of psychedelic-assisted therapy. We are proud to mention our involvement in expanding and legitimising this work through the Equanimity Wellness Centre, a holistic mental health facility offering ketamine therapy in JHB, South Africa - the first psychedelic assisted therapy centre in Africa.


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