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Experience Equanimity

with a science-based approach to psychedelic-assisted therapy

Equanimity’s Psychedelic-assisted Therapeutic Program

Our approach is more than just a retreat-based psychedelic journey. Prepare to experience deep healing, with a best-in-class, six-month curated program.

Equanimity’s psychedelic-assisted program includes:

Comprehensive pre-psychedelic journey preparation exercises

Several one-on-one pre-psychedelic journey preparation sessions

A structured retreat itinerary - including psychedelic journey - in a beautiful setting, with world-class hospitality

A six-month post-retreat integration program

Tropical Beach


Equanimity’s Flagship Psilocybin Retreat location welcomes visitors from around the globe, offering a world-class program that combines science-backed wellness with tailored luxury. 


South Africa

Equanimity’s KAP Day Retreat - incorporating the same science-backed, world-class program - welcomes guests into the beauty of the first Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Centre in Africa - in the heart Sandton, JHB.


Wellness Centre

Based in the heart of Sandton, Africa’s first Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Centre offers a 100% legal way to explore expanded states of consciousness in a modern, comfortable, professionally supervised setting.

Industry-leading clinicians meet world-class hospitality 

The Best Set + Setting

Using a Science-based Framework

Administered by Exceptional Clinicians

Partnering with Like-minded Entrepreneurs & Investors

Equanimity solves for:

Meet Our Therapeutic Team

Our ‘secret sauce’ is the quality of our clinicians. Equanimity’s approved guides and therapists must not only demonstrate that they have world-class clinical and professional training and a track record of success, but also that they have achieved an objective level of fulfilment in their personal lives as demonstrated by -

1. Having a healthy mind & body

2. Experiencing rich & fulfilling personal relationships with family and friends

3. Having successful & meaningful professional careers


Our best-in-class therapeutic team includes two clinical psychologists with more than 20 years of combined therapeutic experience, and having guided over 200 individual journeys.

They work integratively - trained in traditional therapies with expertise in psychedelic-assisted therapies - and between them, boast skillsets in other mindfulness-based practices, such as yoga, meditation, breathwork and cold exposure. 


Anthony Townsend

Clinical Psychologist

Anthony’s skillful ability to untangle emotional complexity is well-suited to his integrative therapeutic approach, combining neuropsychotherapy, cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) and psychoanalysis to help people master their emotional worlds, deepen their relationships and live more fulfilling lives. In addition to healing hearts and minds through therapy, he helps heal bodies, too, using the art of yoga.


Brad Kallenbach

Clinical Psychologist

Brad, with his calm presence and natural inclination towards understanding and connecting deeply with others, adopts an integrationist approach to therapy drawing on modalities such as cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), mindfulness-based cognitive therapy and psychoanalytic psychotherapy. With great respect for the relationship between body and mind, his expertise further extends to breathwork and cold exposure.

Why psychedelic-assisted therapy? The science behind our approach.

While psychedelics can have incredible healing effects, they are not a silver bullet. Psychedelics are effective in improving one’s life only if it is managed within the scope of changing thought patterns, relationship dynamics and lifestyle, and limiting negative behaviours. This is where typical shamanic journeys often fall short, focussing primarily on the psychedelic journey itself - while journey-goers can experience meaningful insights, these might not lead to lasting change.


International best practice is to engage in psychedelic-assisted therapy which combines the ancient wisdom of plants with the modern scientific knowledge about human psychology and behaviour change. This is Equanimity’s approach. 

80% of Long-term chronic tobacco smokers in the sample group were abstinent at 6 month follow-up

Johnson et al (2014)

Significant decreases in depressive symptoms for up to 6 months

Carhart-Harris et al (2016ab)

Significant decrease in drinking behaviors for up to 9 months

Bogenschutz et al (2015)

Significant reductions in trait anxiety at 3 months and depression at 6 months for patients with end-stage cancer


Grob et al (2011)

80% of participants considered their psychedelic experience to be one of the Top 5 most profound experiences of their lives


(Griffiths, 2006)

Reports of deepened empathy & interpersonal connections among participants & their loved


(Griffiths, 2006)

Greater joy, hopefulness & gratitude reported for more than 6 months post-psychedelic experience


(Griffiths, 2006)

Psychedelics allow different brain regions to activate, connect and communicate in a manner much like that of a wakeful dream. It is this state which allows for the deeper exploration of your internal world, to release repressed emotions and to discover the insights you seek. 

Who would benefit from psychedelic-assisted therapy?

Equanimity is for mature, thoughtful people over the age of 23 who wish to engage in deep personal growth. Whether you are new to psychedelic therapy or have prior experience, our therapeutic team will design a bespoke healing journey just for you.

Some of the most common reasons for seeking psychedelic-assisted therapy

Deepening & Improving Relationships

Anxiety Management

Healing From Depression

Deepening Self-understanding

Overcoming Addiction

Overcoming an Eating Disorder

Growing as a Parent

Exploration of Your Emotional World

Healing From Trauma

Forgiveness of Others

Optimising Healthy Habits

Increasing Empathy


Resolution of Existential Concerns

Improving Relationships

Experiencing Deeper Gratitude

Discover Our Blog: Find Your Center

"Speechless. The absolute precision of the three amazing guides was the key. It is not their titles or their medical accolades that matter to them. It is their absolute commitment, dedication, love, generosity, care, warmth, and passion. I am humbled and honored to have taken part. I feel free from guilt, sorrow and anger."

- B.B. (2021)

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