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Tortum Waterfalls

Founding Principles

Our mission is to accelerate the elimination of unnecessary suffering by scaling the delivery of the most effective wellness methodologies known to science.

Benefits of psychedelic-assisted therapy

Psychedelics are effective for the treatment of a wide range of psychological vulnerabilities, although one does not have to experience a particular psychological condition to gain benefit from psychedelic-assisted therapy. Psychedelics facilitate deeper understanding of one’s internal world, bringing about significant shifts in perspective, mood, and insight. Psychotherapy serves to help translate these insights into behaviours, routines, habits and relationship strategies so that deeper fulfillment can be actualized.


Some of the most common conditions & areas for personal improvement treated using psychedelic-assisted therapy include:
Treatment of Addiction

Both behavioural and substance-related

Recovery from Depression

Including Complex Grief and burnout

Relationship conflict & family trauma

Romantic, marital or inter-generational

Regulating anxiety

(particularly generalised and social anxiety, existential worry  & anxiety about life threatening illnesses)

Management of obsessive-compulsive disorder


Recovery from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder


Improved self-awareness
Improved emotional intelligence
Deeper gratitude

We’re addressing our mission through world-class psychedelic-assisted therapeutic interventions.

Although true freedom comes from within, our external lives are a reflection of our internal worlds. The self-help and mental health industries - even when done with good intentions - are filled with insincere 'snake-oil salesmen'. 


We are interested in results. To offer our clients the results they seek, our clinicians need to SHOW US, not through words but through their professional and personal lives, that they are able to get results for themselves, too. To change the world, we first need to change ourselves. Only then can we have the audacity to try to change others.

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